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The Suffolk Local History Council has now printed some 509 articles, mostly written by members, on a wide variety of subjects.

The listing given here is not an index as such, but rather an attempt to show what a splendid range has been covered and perhaps to boast a little that it contains many authors whose names are synonymous with Suffolk history.

This listing may suggest areas for future Review articles and it may of course provide background reading for more ambitious projects or for a development of the subject.

The titles are given as they are printed in the Review and an attempt has been made to categorise them for the readerís ease of use. The categories have been chosen from the title wording and not from a deep perusal of the articles themselves.

Church - Established
Church - Non-conformist
Industry and Retailing

Poor Law
Ships and Shipping
Sources for Historians

Click on a link above to go directly to a PDF document which you can download and print. The entire index in PDF format is also available here. This is a searchable document using Adobe Reader

Michael Stone, whose first index was published last year, has now completed a second one. They are both more comprehensive documents that allow members to search for articles in the Suffolk Review in greater depth. They give abstracts of the articles and indexes of people, places and authors. These indexes cover issue numbers 31-45 and 46-60.  

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