About Us
       The Suffolk Local History Council was
       founded in 1953 to encourage and support
       the study of local history...                                
   Membership is open to individuals
   organisations and societies with an interest
   in the local history of Suffolk...                           
     News & Events
       Diary of Events for 2017, a slideshow and video of 
           some of our recent events and any news that might
           be of interest to our members.                           
   The Suffolk Local History Council administers a
   Local History Recorders Scheme throughout
   Suffolk. We maintain a network of people...        
       The list of articles printed in Suffolk Review has been
       updated. We now have over 500 available for
       individual purchase from the Hon Editor...         
   The Suffolk Local History Council provides
   some resources to people working on projects
   relating to the local history of Suffolk...             

Web Links
Some links to the web sites of organisations
  and groups in Suffolk with aims and interests
similar to that of the SLHC...          Links

Registered Charity no. 294270. Contact us here.
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