The Suffolk Local History Council provides resources to people working on projects relating to the local history of Suffolk.

Gwen Dyke Project Fund

The purpose of the Gwen Dyke Project Fund is to assist publication, in the widest sense, of any form of Suffolk local history, and is administered by the Gwen Dyke Project Fund Sub-committee of the SLHC. However, there is no requirement for applicants to be members of the SLHC.

PUBLICATIONS: In respect of printed publication proposals, the sub-committee must see the manuscript, or a detailed outline, of the proposed work before deciding whether or not to make a loan. The Gwen Dyke Project Fund Sub-committee would also like to know the probable printing costs and how many copies it is envisaged producing. The projected work should make an original contribution to the history of Suffolk.

EXHIBITIONS & PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECTS: For exhibitions, photographic projects and the like, any application must include an outline indicating the nature and extent of the project together with details of any photographs, recordings, texts or other materials for the provision of which assistance is sought.

LOANS: No interest will be charged on a loan provided that it is repaid within two years.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Successful applicants are requested to publish an acknowledgement that the publication, project or exhibition has been supported by the Suffolk Local History Council.

Any applications or enquiries should be made in the first instance to the Suffolk Review Editor:

Suffolk Review Articles

The Suffolk Review published by the Suffolk Local History Council has now printed some 430 articles, mostly written by members, on a wide variety of subjects. Details of the various articles can be found on the Suffolk Review Articles page.

Copies of articles (which may be either a photocopy of the article or a spare copy of the Review, featuring a number of articles) can be obtained from the Suffolk Review Editor: In your email enquiry please quote the article title and author you are interested in, and we will reply with information regarding the price.

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